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Rona Hamilton

It's never too early OR late to start practicing yoga.

Yoga For Women - Yoga can assist in weight loss as well as toning the body, building muscle and increasing your overall level of general fitness. Yoga can also be practiced during and after pregnancy. Certain yoga postures can help strengthen the back. Other postures will help to reduce stress and anxiety. Breathing exercises are always useful in preparing for the birth. Yoga postures can also help with menstruation and menopausal problems. Always consult a doctor and qualified yoga practitioner before undertaking any yoga practice.

Yoga For Men - men are often reluctant to start practicing yoga, but when they realise the huge benefits that regular practice can bring, they soon incorporate yoga into their daily or weekly exercise routines. Yoga can help men increase their muscle power, stamina and flexibility. There is no dispute that yoga can help men physically but it can also be extremely beneficial as a stress reducer. A combination of deep stretching, meditation and breathing techniques will aid relaxation, reduce stress and calm the mind.

Yoga For Seniors - the great thing about yoga is that you don't need any special equipment, clothing or footwear. Yoga can also be practiced at any time of the day. If you have never practiced yoga before, then taking things slowly is advisable. Always seek guidance from your health practitioner and local yoga teacher. There are also many good videos and dvds on the market with the aim of catering for the older generation. Regular gentle yoga practice will help to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and contribute to better circulation. Yoga will also promote improved memory and attention span.

Yoga For Children - Children's yoga can be great fun as well as being extremely beneficial to a child's health and well-being. Stretching will help children become more flexible as well as strengthening their arms and legs. Yoga will also improve a child's breathing and circulation. Regular yoga practice for children will make them calmer, more relaxed and much happier.

This is just a quick guide to the general benefits that Yoga can bring to people of all sexes and ages. As you progress with your practice you will also begin to learn that yoga can also promote healing of the mind and body. Yoga is often used as a complementary therapy alongside orthodox medicine in the treatment of many common ailments.

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