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Yoga in Practice: Excuses for Lack of Practice
Paul M. Jerard Jr.

At one time, or another, we all think, "Why am I here?" Sometimes we think, "Why do I even bother?" Thinking about giving up is a temptation for all of humankind, but we continue to pursue our goals just like our ancestors did.

My wife, Marie, puts it bluntly, "You have two choices, push forward or give up." Sometimes, it is a joy to sit in the back of her Yoga classes, so I can listen to a candid approach to life and teaching Yoga.

Look at how far we have come as a species in regards to Yoga, art, holistic health, medicine, technology, and much more. It is easy to look at the downside of humanity, but a lot of our ancestors did not give up. In fact, they recorded past failures and achievements from which we could learn.

As a Yoga practitioner, or Yoga teacher, you have the ability to learn a complete health maintenance system, "loaded with archives." The archives of Yoga are so plentiful that none of us will be able to study, digest, and practice it all in one lifetime. We know that knowledge is power, and Yoga will improve our lives exponentially.

In getting back to making excuses: Everyone makes them now and then. Some Yoga practitioners have stated they are too old, too stiff, and too weak to continue practicing with intensity. Most Yoga students, interns, and Yoga teachers, will admit to being distracted by life. Sometimes, this is a good thing because your body, or mind, needs a rest, and a little change is harmless.

However, this is not an endorsement to avoid the benefits of steady Yoga practice. Also, this is not an endorsement to become a "couch potato." Having worked with Yoga students who have a variety of physical disabilities, Yoga can be practiced on your couch, on the floor, in your bed, or sitting down.

Granted, some of the vigorous styles of Yoga would have to be modified, but there is still no reason to abandon Yoga practice for long. Having seen the improvement of Yoga students in wheelchairs, and hospital beds, there is no reason why the study of Yoga should be, "put on the back burner."

There is a saying that, "Seeing is believing." This is true for most of the world, but the evidence of improved health, from steady Yoga practice, is obvious. If you want to worry less, become stronger, become more flexible, or clear your mind, Yoga does all of these things and much more.

There is no excuse for keeping the gift of Yoga to yourself. If you have seen Yoga improve your life, you are a "witness", and you have the ability to help others improve their lives. Almost every obstacle that life throws in front of us can be overcome, unless we give up.

© Copyright 2005 - Paul Jerard / Aura Publications

About the author:

Paul Jerard is the director of Yoga teacher training at Aura in RI. He's a master instructor of martial arts and Yoga. He teaches Yoga, martial arts, and fitness. He wrote: Is Running a Yoga Business Right for You? For Yoga students wanting to be a Yoga teacher.

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