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Restorative Yoga for Stress Management
Paul M. Jerard Jr.

We now know that stress contributes to a multitude of ailments, such as: headaches, backaches, high blood pressure, stomach disorders, lowered immunity, muscular tension, depression, heart attack, and much more. Stress is definitely a "killer" and the source of many health problems.

In fact, stress will prevent and distract your body from healing itself. While you are feeling "stressed out", your body and mind make dealing with stress the number one priority. Your mind and body need to cope with regular maintenance and overall health, on a daily basis, by putting stress on the back burner.

Are you looking for a way to release stress, tension, and pain from your body? Are you tired all the time and feel the need to rest, but you know you should get some exercise? How can you do both? The answer is to start regularly attending Restorative Yoga classes, and reap the rewards of healing without a tremendous amount of effort.

There are many styles of Yoga to choose from. In India, there are nine main styles of Yoga, and Hatha Yoga is just one of them. Hatha Yoga, "the union of physical mastery," and its many sub-types, are the most popular in the West.

Among the many Hatha styles of Yoga, are traditional and contemporary types of Yoga. Restorative Yoga is classified as a contemporary type of Hatha Yoga. Some might also say that Restorative Yoga is an evolutionary form of Hatha Yoga. The use of props, "sinking into" postures, safety factors, and attention to the internal body, is very rewarding.

This is not usually a class for the vigorous Yoga practitioners who want to move, push, and sometimes strain, in a Yoga posture. Unfortunately, straining will cause long-lasting injuries. Learning Yoga does not have to be a strain or struggle. Restorative Yoga usually attracts a person who is interested in healing his or her body, in the process of attending a Yoga class.

If you have ailments, feel nervous, or are attending your first Restorative Yoga class, you should consult with your Yoga teacher, before class time. Your Yoga teacher may be able to advise you in regard to techniques that will alleviate stress or pain. You can expect that your Yoga teacher will be compassionate and modifications to postures will be taught.

Your body and mind will feel the benefits of relaxing into a Yoga posture. As a result, you be able to balance your life, and feel the benefits of integrating good posture, stillness, movement, relaxation, proper breathing, and meditation.

Every one of these aspects is covered within a typical Restorative Yoga class. So, you can expect to start healing your body and mind during your first Yoga class. You will also continue to keep your priorities in order, while keeping worry, stress, depression, and fatigue on the "back burner."

© Copyright 2005 - Paul Jerard / Aura Publications

About the author:

Paul Jerard is the director of Yoga teacher training at Aura in RI. He's a master instructor of martial arts and Yoga. He teaches Yoga, martial arts, and fitness. He wrote: Is Running a Yoga Business Right for You? For Yoga students wanting to be a Yoga teacher.

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