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Complete Health Bliss With Yoga Relaxation
Anubha Shyam

Until recently, I was totally oblivious of the intertwinement between yoga benefits and yoga relaxation. Like many women, I also sought solace in leisure activities such as socializing, partying, watching a movie, or reading, to relax.

It was only when I started practicing yoga that I became aware of the mammoth yoga benefits that can be obtained from the state of profound relaxation. A few yoga relaxation sessions were enough for me to perceive the generation of sublime state of harmony.

Different women have totally different reasons for practicing yoga. Some women are interested in the health benefits they obtain after performing yoga exercises routinely, while others practice yoga to achieve the desired state of harmony between the inner and outer self, but a large percentage of women carry out yoga sessions just for relaxation.

At this conjuncture, a very important question crops up, “Why can’t leisure activities provide relaxation?”

I consider, that leisure activities are merely a gateway to escape from stressful conditions and feelings for a while. As soon as you confront a stress producing condition, you neither know how to react to it nor you know how to deal with it.

Accomplished yoga practitioners consider that yoga relaxation develops a woman’s ability to deal with stress more effectively and at the same time makes her more energized, concentrated and relaxed. As a consequence, a woman is able to regain her mental composure quickly during stressful conditions and this enables her to deal with stress with an iron hand. This is one of the greatest yoga benefits associated with yoga relaxation.

Modern women live under overt and subtle pressure to look good, behave well and impress others. She has to deal with competition at work place and difficulties in personal relationships. All these lifestyle factors adversely affect her physical and mental health.

Under such circumstances, the big question is, “How can a woman preserve her physical and mental health?” You don’t have to scratch your head to find an answer because yoga, the legacy of our forefathers is still powerful enough to help today’s woman to stay healthy.

If you still have some doubts about the effectiveness of this ancient system of exercise, then consider some yoga benefits retrieved, after thorough research and investigations.

1. Yoga relaxation improves the overall physical and mental health of a woman through the relaxing effect on her body and the calming effect on her mind. This is one of the most basic yoga benefits related to relaxation.

2. It relieves and delays the onset of fatigue.

3. Yoga relaxations works to expand the consciousness, which brings about greater freedom from negative conditioning and repressed memories.

4. It helps a woman to minimize and alleviate illusions, confusions, and inessential burdens, and develop a living that is more skilful.

5. Life is complex and challenging. There is suffering in life. Yoga relaxation helps us to deal with the modern stresses of competition, complexity and change.

There are many more yoga benefits that can be linked with yoga relaxation. Infact, each yoga practitioner has an incredible yoga health benefit experience to narrate.

To achieve maximum yoga benefits and to accelerate the process of arriving to the intense stage of relaxation, perseverant yoga practitioners advocate adherence to five essential components of yoga:

1. Diet- It is an important factor because the things we eat influence not only the structure of our body, but also our brain.

2. Breathing techniques- Deep and prolonged breath helps your brain to stay oxygenated, which contributes to analyzing things in a clearer manner.

3. Postures- They cultivate and maintain mental and physical balance, strength and health. They are most beneficial when practiced on a regular or daily basis and at the same time, each time they are practiced.

4. Meditation practice- During relaxation it is essential to mediate on the true values of the world.

5. Relaxation practice- Yoga postures are often cumbersome and demand a lot of attention therefore yoga relaxation is necessary and mandatory stage of every yoga routine.

Yoga is a connection between spiritual and real world, and yoga relaxation is considered to be a stage, which safely brings you back to the present reality you live in.

To yield rich yoga benefits out of yoga relaxation, a woman must have the right attitude and focus. These are considered to be the key elements. Entering the profound stage of relaxation and synchronization between your inner and your outer self cannot happen unless you physically and mentally desire it.

About the Author: A freelance writer.


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