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The Most Common Types of Yoga
Melvin Chua

As there are so many different types of yoga available today, it can present a major problem for beginners. It is of best advice to choose a form of yoga that is appropriate for each individual's level of fitness, physical and spiritual goals and health condition.

Some of the most common types of yoga are listed here and briefly explained in order to assist you in choosing the best type of yoga that you can start off with.

1. Iyengar Yoga

These types of yoga are solely focused on the alignment and precise movements. Yoga props such as blocks and straps are usually used as part of this type of yoga for those beginners who are not as flexible as the experts as to compensate for injuries.

These Yoga props help assist all sorts of people to be able to do the poses comfortably.

Because of its attention to details and the flexible modification of poses, these types of yoga is often a good form of exercise for people with back pain or neck pain, as they are likely to benefit from the random alteration to the poses.

Practicing these types of yoga will give you a good knowledge on the classics in yoga poses so that whatever other style you practice, you will have the basic fundamentals on how to do each position.

In Iyengar yoga the teacher focuses more on alignment and inner awareness. This awareness starts with the body and expands to other parts of the self as one continues with the regularity of practice.

2. Ashtanga Yoga

These types of yoga are commonly called 'power yoga' because it is focused on a powerful flowing movement.

Such movements include pushups and lunges, which deals with strength and stamina. These types of yoga are best for people who have successfully overcome back injuries and are looking for more challenging practice.

People who are already athletic such as runners, gymnasts and cyclists who want to add more balance and concentration to their routines are also utilizing these types of yoga.

3. Bikram Yoga

These types of yoga are also known as the 'hot yoga' for this is done in a very warm room. These types of yoga are excellent tools for increasing flexibility because the heat helps tissue to stretch.

But keep in mind that these types of yoga are not applicable to those that have developed cardio vascular diseases due to the strain placed on the body when vigorously exercising in the heat.

4. Viniyoga

These types of yoga links breathe and movement in flowing exercises that are adapted to each individual. These are often a good form of yoga for those with back problems or neck injuries because it can be easily adapted by anyone.

5. Raja Yoga

These types of yoga aims for liberation through meditation. These types of yoga are only for those people who are capable of intense concentration.

6. Bhakti yoga

Or commonly known as devotional yoga. These types of yoga focus on self surrender in the face of the divine.

7. Mantra yoga

Much more know as the "yoga of potent sound'. These types of yoga aims at liberation through the verbal or mental repetition of empowered sounds, such as "om", "hum", or "ram".

There are so many yoga institutions to choose from. It is also a good idea that before going into a class, discuss with the teacher first regarding hi or her philosophy and beliefs in order to find the most appropriate and personally appealing form of yoga for you.

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